Blogging along with Effy Wild

Well hello there 😀

I created this blog a few months ago and have since done nothing with it. Sound familiar to anyone? Why can I never seem to follow through on things I want to do? Is it anxiety? What does it matter if no one reads it if I enjoy writing it? Anyway I have been taking part in the #100dayproject and am only 4 posts away from completing it.. it is on Instagram if anyone wants to take a look or take part. I then received Effy’s Newsletter about Blogging all of September, I remembered this poor abandoned blog and thought, “Hmmm 30 days, let’s see if I can get this habit going….. 😀”, will probably be full of something and nothing, but, you don’t know unless you try, right? So there we go, first post done, and was relatively painless!! 😀